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The woman behind the affectionate nickname of Dr. K is a force to be reckoned with. In the corporate world, she is a well-known and highly respected woman of stature. In the speaking business, she is one who empowers and brings undeniable engagement. As a person, she is resilient with a story that encompasses the skills and the heart that it takes to simply be who she is called to be. She is Dr. Kennette Thigpen Harris.

Dr. Carla J. Cooke
Founder & CEO
Pivotal Shifts
Dr. Carla J. Cooke
Founder & CEO
Pivotal Shifts
Chanel Londono
The Closet Rehab

As a Corporate Wellbeing Consultant and Speaker, Dr. K is not afraid to address the various issues that can affect and impact you and your company. A few of her requested talks and seminars include:

Crash & Burn: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Burnout

It’s an all too familiar story!  Stress in the workplace can often lead to the dreaded concept, burnout.  Filled with words of encouragement and tried-and-true techniques, this engaging and informative session provides your employees with tools to help avoid, or at least control, this overwhelming feeling. As a company, this is not only a needed skill for your employees but also a boost to the overall health and wellness of your company.

Resilience: Your Hidden Talent

When life gets you down, are you able to overcome? This inspiring and motivating keynote arms you with what you need to take on the world, or at least your little corner of it. Become the warrior you know you are as we understand resilience, raise awareness of the power of your mindset. With helpful tips to become more resilient, we can address the many domains of life where you might struggle and prepare you to take on life’s challenges. Are you ready to become a stronger version of you?

Each of these topics, and more, are vital to the well-being of each corporation. This is why Dr. K is trusted to bring energy, passion, and compassion. Her experiences, both professional and personal, make her a trusted source. Her educational background affords her as one with great expertise. Her electrifying engagement with each audience leaves them wanting more. She’s never afraid to be the advocate and address the issues that are hidden, in order to build the people!

** Custom keynotes are available upon request.

Book With Dr. Kennette NOW!
Book With Dr. Kennette NOW!

Bring Dr. K to your next event or company function! Whether in large settings or small ones, she is well able and well trusted to build each mind. And be sure to follow her on all social media platforms! You never know when she’ll be in a city near you.

For information on booking Dr. K, simply select the “Book Dr. K Now” button, select a meeting time, and complete the form.  You can also contact Dr. K directly at [email protected]. Chat soon!

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