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The woman behind the affectionate nickname of Dr. K is a force to be reckoned with. In the corporate world, she is a well-known and highly respected woman of stature. In the speaking business, she is one who empowers and brings undeniable engagement. As a person, she is resilient with a story that encompasses the skills and the heart that it takes to simply be who she is called to be. She is Dr. Kennette Thigpen Harris.

Dr. Carla J. Cooke
Founder & CEO
Pivotal Shifts
Dr. Carla J. Cooke
Founder & CEO
Pivotal Shifts
Chanel Londono
The Closet Rehab

As a Corporate Wellbeing Consultant and Speaker, Dr. K is not afraid to address the various issues that can affect and impact you and your company.


A few of her requested talks and seminars include:


Let’s face it – the ins and outs of life can cause various stressors. If we’re honest, we don’t properly deal with those stressors until it’s too late as we are often too hard on ourselves.

This high-energy, engaging, and interactive workshop is designed to help employees increase their awareness of mental health and develop effective coping skills that leads to happier, healthier, more hopeful you. Get ready for an inner transformation that brings about outward results.


  • Understand the potential prevalence and impact of mental health in the workplace
  • Identify indicators of possible mental health issues
  • Recognize the stigmas that typically surround mental health
  • Practice an array of strategies to promote positive mental health in yourself

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that employee mental health concerns are at an all-time high. Mental health may not seem like something that an employer should concern themselves with, but the reality is that it’s a vital topic that we must normalize talking about. This session will help managers have real conversation and prioritize this often brushed aside topic that can have an impact on a company’s moral, engagement, and bottom line. Managers will leave understanding the role and responsibilities of how a leaders can recognize and respond to the signs and symptoms of mental health in the workplace.

  • Discuss creating a psychologically safe workplace
  • Describe strategies and actions for responding to potential mental health issues
  • Develop strategies to implement a mentally healthy workplace that leads to happier, healthier employees while improving the bottom line
  • Learn to lead with love

Organizational culture is like an aquarium; as companies we can either sink or swim. Want to retain empowered individuals who have the bandwidth to bring new ideas or attract employees with that new energy your company needs? Just offering commercial health care doesn't cut it anymore when it comes to the wellbeing of yourself and your employees. Lead your company to success as you find a balance between cognitive culture and emotional culture in the workplace where employees thrive.

• Work more effectively and efficiently as a team
• Create avenues for emotions to be expressed, not suppressed in the workplace
• Develop resilient teams
• Cultivate teams that perform no matter the obstacle

Stress is an all too familiar story! According to the American Psychological Association, 94% of U.S. employees are chronically stressed. No surprise as we have all been impacted in some form or fashion by COVID-19, inflation, social injustice, politics, climate change, and normal everyday stressors. This leaves many employees contending with not only chronic stress, but also burnout and mental illness.  This engaging and informative session provides employees with tools to help avoid, or at least control, this overwhelming feeling. As a company, this is not only a needed skill for your employees but also a boost to the overall health and wellness of your company.


  • Understand the principles of stress management
  • Recognize stress triggers and how to manage them
  • Develop proactive responses to stressful situations
  • Identify the psychological mechanisms linked to stress
  • Develop an action plan to minimize and better manage stress
Book With Dr. Kennette NOW!
Book With Dr. Kennette NOW!

Bring Dr. K to your next event or company function! Whether in large settings or small ones, she is well able and well trusted to build each mind. And be sure to follow her on all social media platforms! You never know when she’ll be in a city near you.

For information on booking Dr. K, simply select the “Book Dr. K Now” button, select a meeting time, and complete the form.  You can also contact Dr. K directly at [email protected]. Chat soon!

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